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    Massage Therapy

    Tricia Quintal, RMT

    Tricia Quintal is a Registered Massage Therapist and is a Owner of Serenity Massage Therapy Clinic in Toronto. She provides care for people of all ages in a safe and family oriented environment. Tricia specializes in sports massage and deep tissue massage. As well as a variety of other modalities ranging from Reiki, Crystal Therapy,  Sound Healing, Reflexology, Thai Massage, Hot Stone, Pregnancy Massage, and Swedish Massage. She actively participates in charitable events for Habitat for Humanity, Heart and Stroke Foundation, just to name a few. Tricia is also passionate about helping others achieve balance and harmony within the total self (body, mind and spirit).

    Rhianah Broomfield, RMT

    Inspired by her own journey of healing through massage, Rhianah left her career with the government to pursue her path of healing herself and helping others. Driven by the principles of vis Medicatrix Naturae (the body’s ability to heal itself) and Holism, Rhianah naturally aligned her practice with the biopsychosocial framework of treating the body as a whole.
    She specializes in a variety of Swedish Massage techniques and treatments addressing musculoskeletal & overuse injuries, postural & joint dysfunctions, CNS & PNS conditions and stress & anxiety disorders. Her various studies have taken her all over the world, from teaching scuba at the bottom of the ocean to volunteering with school children in the hills of Ghana.
    As a long-time client of Serenity, she is happy to be working where her very own massage journey started.


    Thera Ip, Homeopath

    Thera is a Registered Classical Homeopath (#15438) with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario (CHO) and a graduate of the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine (CCHM) with Honours.  Her passion is to heal others by helping individuals achieve their health goals and to restore peace and balance to everyday life.  Thera has experience and success treating a wide range of conditions such as women’s issues, mental and emotional disturbances, pediatrics and physical conditions. Thera gives through volunteering her time with international NGO’s by helping those under-served. She spent several weeks in Tanzania working with hundreds of HIV/AIDS patients with the organization Homeopathy for Health in Africa. Homeopathy was successful in treating symptoms of AIDS and opportunistic infections. Homeopathy was able to increase CD4 levels in almost every patient, helping return patients to health and self-sufficiency. Thera travelled to Haiti with Homeopaths Without Borders to areas affected by Hurricane Matthew. The goal of this trip was cholera treatment and prevention along with all types of physical and emotional injury and trauma. She plans on returning in the near future.